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"And Sharpen Your Blurred Photos Today" Details Saved
indir.biz Editor: Magic Focus blur truly "back" and the judicial power of advanced technology uses deconvolution to recover detail lost. You can repair both out of focus and motion blur an image (by camera shake) blur. Can you read the license plate number "image before (below)? Even vaguely make out a letter May I? Consider how you can use this technology to your photos.

Focus Magic, used by many forensic scientists, only photo software you can recover more clarity, the above examples are shown. We now this powerful tool you can use to sharpen blurry images. Unlike other sharpening software, Focus Magic "" perceived sharpness deconvolution () instead of "Unsharp mask or equivalent () and" real clarity increases.

For Windows installation file contains both stand-alone programs and plug-in Photoshop CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Paint Shop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint (part of), Ulead PhotoImpact, and others. Software to install (Run) the following file or save it to another disk and then Run (double click) can open. Focus Magic 3.01 download free Now you can.

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